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See This : Wear That

*image source: Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum*



Have you ever been to a concert and thought wow that stage is amazing. Or seen a fashion show and the power of the set truly enhanced the collection. In this edition of STWT I headed uptown to the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum for an exciting first monographic museum exhibition.

Acclaimed artist and stage designer Es Devlin transforms audiences with her renowned work. An Atlas of Es Devlin opens just like Devlin begins her designs, with a book. As she speaks to us through a narrated video, she shares about her process, her love of reading, and finding stories in the margins.

As you go around the exhibit her scale models are displayed showcasing the depth in her work. For me it is so impressive both the scale and success she carved for herself. From kinetic stage designs to installations at major institutions, her work spans Olympic Ceremonies, NFL Super Bowl Halftime shows, stadium tours for The Weeknd and U2 (to name a few), and fashion show sets for houses such as Louis Vuitton.

In one section of the exhibit is a small stage with shipping boxes laid out like seats. Here Devlin uses this large scale mock up to get a sense of her performative sculptures. With smart use of color and light, and a dynamic sense of dimension you feel transported through and time and space. Going through her 30 year archive, one wall is dedicated just to Devlin's paintings.

It was a beautiful spring summer day so I wore the Porto Top. I find this shirt to be a perfect top for a day to night lifestyle. Cut in our signature sandwashed satin, it has enough sheen to be dressy for just about anywhere. The front neck has a bateaux shape going into an asymmetrical front hem with a ballet scoop back.

Paired with wide leg distressed black denim and ankle mid height wedge booties. I love it with a long silver chain and a couple chunky rings. Grab some round sunnies and the Paris Bag and you are good to go!

Es Devlin, An Atlas of Es Devlin on view till August 11th, go check it out and let me know what you think.


2 E 91ST NY, NY 10128


10AM - 6PM


See This : Wear That | An Atlas of Es Devlin
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