Back in NYC

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Continuing our journey and realizing we needed to pivot to a new fabric, I did end up sourcing a much more appropriate quality for those garments.

At this point in our story line I am back in NYC, in a compact bedroom now doubling as a workroom. The floor of the living room became the cutting table and my back suddenly aged 100 years. But being back in the fashion capital I was able to connect with the community again and work with some amazing people who are at the top of their field.

I'd drive to Queens to have samples sewn professionally, Brooklyn to a seasoned pattern maker for her expertise, and a grader to digitize and grade the base patterns from S to XS-XXL. In Manhattan we sourced all the notions straight from the Garment District and worked with an amazing factory to produce a small batch of production.

When we say Made in NYC we really mean it. It is this city that makes these pieces come to life, from 2d paper patterns to 3d sewn garments. 


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Back in NYC
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