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See This : Wear That

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For our second See This : Wear That I am excited to share the exhibit by artist Amalia Pica. This is the first time I am seeing her work and it truly was a delight. Aula Expandida is her first solo show presented by Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, which is a favorite gallery of mine and never seems to disappoint with their refreshing curations.

As you can tell I love things monochromatic. I think what is so fascinating about seeing everything in one color is how you become aware of form and texture and proportion so much more so with the removal of having all different colors. If you notice in the image above the couch cushions pop from the shadows the creases are creating. The bookcase and the assortment of items staggered about making way for a visual linear motion to offset the horizontal landscape of the room. For me the absence of different colors is calming and lets my eye focus almost equally around the space. Pops of color sometimes can be noisy to my eye, like screaming for attention against the other moments of color. With monochromatism I can catch everything in one breathe and then I can begin to take a closer look bit by bit at my leisure.

Now there was something so absolutely thrilling about this work and I can't decide if I want to share that or let you discover this element of surprise for yourself. I will say this, the work is ever evolving and is participatory. It is a discussion and an evolution that explores how we communicate and try to make sense of the world through simple materials and found objects.

Let me know for future if you want the tell all or just an intro.

The outfit recommendation for our gallery outing is something I can honestly wear (weather permitting) all the time. It is quite simple, but impossibly chic. Essentially all it is is our Palma dress plus some accessories! For Collection 1 fans, you might recognize this silhouette as a maxi version of our Seville dress, both cut in signature sandwashed satin with side slits. We love to incorporate slits because they are great for movement, adding a cool sexy vibe, and just help break up the outfit from feeling heavy and too covered up.

For styling it, again we paired it with chunky silver jewelry, an oversized double breasted wool coat and over the knee lug sole platform leather boots. I specifically wear over the knee boots this time of year when I have a dress or skirt on because its another layer of warmth. Of course we rocked our small leather Paris Bag as a crossbody over the jacket to keep it closed but not buttoned up to show off the outfit and threw on some shades.

Go see Amalia Pica at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery on view until April 4th and let us know what you think of the show!


521 W 21ST ST NY, NY 10011


10AM - 6PM


See This : Wear That | Amalia Pica
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