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See This : Wear That

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Welcome back to STWT, this time around I am pleased to present an exhibition that will be on view for a longer period than most traditional gallery exhibits. I truly enjoyed it so much I will definitely be going back again and again.

Presented by Dia Chelsea, Delcy Morelos's El abrazo transports you into another dimension. Off the bat you immediately smell a cozy mix of cinnamon and clove. Seldom does art awake your sense of smell, so that was immediately intriguing. When you first walk into the gallery, the entry space is somber with a quiet but vast book offering. The exhibit itself is behind a set of doors allowing you to have that Wonka moment walking into the factory of surprises.

As Morelos puts it, "To be in touch with the earth and to enter within it is to be in touch with what constitutes and nourishes us; the bedrock where life develops while it is inhabited by the soul."

Her words totally encapsulate this feeling when you are amongst her art. Working almost exclusively with earth, she is challenging abstract forms as an extension of interest in mud where fixed boundaries dissolve. Spread throughout 2 rooms you have very opposing works. First you witness a display lain across the floor and then you move over to work that is mountainous in the space. The juxtaposition of elevation further encourages the range in which earth encompasses and nurtures us.

In an almost spiritual way, I felt a sense of intrigue and calmness being in the space. I love art that can impress upon you. Walking out of the exhibit I noticed I was a little more curious, romanticizing the rest of my day and the world around me. Whether or not we always understand an artists' point of view, having such a direct response within our self seems to be the mark of work worth experiencing.

A perfect outfit for seeing this exhibit would have to be the Pembroke Top and Pokhara Skirt. The Pembroke Top is a button down oversized shirt nearing tunic length in a wonderful cotton viscose blend. With its stand collar and top silver stud closure it has a sense of poise and structure befitting of the work. I like to pair this piece with the Pokhara Skirt which mimics the same hem details of our beloved Sapporo Dress with the wide bend back and slits on either side finishing at a mini length. Mixing a woven top and knit skirt is a such a balance of opposites akin to Morelos's high and low pieces.

I finished the look by adding lots of silver rings because the high neck and long sleeves didn't really bode for a necklace or bracelet. Hair was worn up to accentuate the collar details. As per usual rocked some chunky platform boots this time in a mid calf height with a lace up front. There is a still a nip in the air and with the trench silhouette being timeless and on trend I'd go for this leather version for a bit of textural contrast. And of course, got to have sunnies and our Paris Bag!

Delcy Morelos El abrazo on view till July 20th, go check it out and let me know what you think.


537 W 22ND ST NY, NY 10011


12PM - 6PM


See This : Wear That | El abrazo
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