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See This : Wear That

*image source: Lisson Gallery*



This volume of STWT I head to one of Lisson Gallery's Chelsea locations for a site specific installation.

Upon walking in you'll notice the gallery has been transformed into a space adorned with bathroom stalls along the perimeter. Resembling a true bathroom stall, the door is noted whether it is vacant or occupied. As you go around, the vacant stalls have further works inside waiting to be discovered. Hughmans by Hugh Haydens uses the power of prosthetics to probe the collective consciousness and have us get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Without being gimmicky I love when an exhibit has you interact with the work. If these pieces were just laid about the gallery, sure I would enjoy them as they are very well done but creating an exchange with the work takes Haydens point deeper. Walking into the stall you are not sure what to expect, if someone else will be there, or if someone else will walk in while you are there. By inviting us into a familiarly private situation posited in a public way, he has us investigate experiences of revelation, intimacy, desire, and sexuality.

Hayden is known for his metaphors and this exhibit further marks that as a signature of his. My favorite piece is a series of skeletal chest frames made out of wood hanging on a subway rail like a clothes rack. It immediately has me think of times riding the train and being just one of the many monotonously commuting passengers. Transforming these mundane motifs into poignant symbols has us confront our thoughts of daily life and the human experience.

This outfit is really just one garment and good accessorizing but it was around 80 degrees the day I went so it made sense. And I'm realizing I wore this dress last volume but I am styling it a little different so hear me out and I promise next time I'll talk about different pieces. So if you guessed it I am referring to the Seville Dress. It really is just so versatile and easy to wear. The sandwashed satin is perfect for day to night and the tunic shape is loose and not restrictive. When I design I like to think about wear is the garment really hanging from, like from the chest or hips. My personal favorite is using the shoulders as the anchor point. With the deep v back and a bateau high front neck it's really about strong shoulders, a little sexiness, and that easy cool spirit Rosin Studios is all about.

With hot weather days I tend to keep things simple with well balanced proportions. I love to wear my creepers with crew socks to keep my feet comfortable and avoid blisters sandals usually give me when walking around the city a lot. To really add a pop I paired this look with a big chunky necklace and some rings. And to finish off the look grabbed some sunglasses and the Paris bag of course!

Hugh Hayden Hughmans on view till August 2nd, go check it out and let me know what you think.


508 W 24TH ST NY, NY 10011


12PM - 6PM


See This : Wear That | Hughmans
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