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See This : Wear That

*image source: Tanya Bonakdar Gallery*



We're going back to Tanya Bonakdar Gallery for Volume 6 of STWT. You will probably notice as we continue with this series that I frequent the same galleries. The team there always puts on wonderful shows and I really have found the style of art I like aligns with the style of art they like to showcase. It's always exciting to see every couple of months what the next exhibit will be.

Kimsooja's Meta-Painting is a poetic show with lots of different mediums featured throughout an array of pieces. The real showstopper is To Breathe which is highlighted in the above image. Forewarning: to immerse yourself in this piece you will need to take your shoes off and wear provided grey socks. I must say, it is totally worth it.

When I walked along the mirrored floor I felt separated from the reality of gravity. Yes I knew I was still walking on the ground but changing that perspective with the use of reflection had me feeling as if I was walking on the ceiling. Kimsooja is challenging us to take a moment of contemplation through this literally reflective work. I found myself walking with a sense of calm, aimlessly going around the platform.

Simultaneously there is a central light source that changes color. This parallels with the idea of the bottari - a traditional Korean bundle used to wrap and protect personal belonging, using light to wrap us in a transformative experience. Bottaris are a signature motif for Kimsooja. Seen in other works as well, she uses them as a metaphor to tie together the notion of home and migration, and also a transitory state.

Today was truly a beautiful spring day and had me inspired. I decided to pair the old and the new to create as per usual a very day to night look. On top from Collection 2 I wore the Porto Top, a bateau front neck with a cocoon sleeve, signature asymmetric hem and ballet scoop back, sewn in our favorite sandwashed satin. And from Collection 1, also in sandwashed satin, I wore the Stockholm Short, an easy boxing inspired sport short with side seam pockets and an elastic waistband. Using the same fabric for both silhouettes it became a perfect set when worn together.

Last touches included a cropped collarless lady jacket inspired blazer and mid-calf platform lace up boots. The sun was shining so definitely needed some sunnies today. And as always had some chunky silver jewelry on and rocked the Paris Bag.

Kimsooja Meta-Painting on view till June 14th, go check it out and let me know what you think.


521 W 21ST ST NY, NY 10011


10AM - 6PM


See This : Wear That | Meta-Paintings
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