The fashion industry is full of excess — there is so much waste due to overproduction. It's important that we go against this standard, so we made the conscious decision to only produce small batch, local production runs. 

We produce on an as needed basis instead of manufacturing an unnecessary amount of product. With limited inventory we can help control our part in our communities material management. 

Producing locally also helps us build close relationships with our contractors to ensure a high level of quality is maintained each step of the way. Most importantly, we know that the work environment is safe and that proper wages are being paid.

If your size is out of stock, please email 

The packaging was chosen specifically and intentionally for the good of our planet. Mailers are 100% compostable including their 100% compostable shipping labels and stickers. All paper goods are recyclable and made from recycled materials.

After you receive your pieces and the packaging finds itself obsolete please recycle all components. This means a lot to us and we really appreciate your contribution to being responsible with us towards waste.

Thank you!