Part 2: How did Rosin Studios start?

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If you have just joined our blog please check out our first post, How did Rosin Studios start? to get the exact inception moment of the brand.


To follow that train of thought I will pick back up where we left...


Now I can't speak for all designers / brands because everyone and every house works in a manner that fits their parameters.

For Rosin Studios I always like to sketch out my idea. At first I go quite vague, shapes and proportions first, drawn on a form as if I am trying the outfit on on paper. Then once I like the design I go in more specific with what fabrics to use, where seam lines will go, how to get in and out of the garments and any other details that relate to the overall construction of the piece. Sometimes if the item is more complicated but I have a strong visual of how it will come together I do a loose sketch of the pattern pieces so when I go back to make it my memory jogs to that thought. When you design multiple pieces it is always good to leave yourself notes because you can get lost going back and forth between the different styles you have in the works.

So if we remember, I was at my parent's house in this point in time. I didn't have any standard equipment except some rulers so I had to improvise. But necessity is the mother of invention or so because I ended up using our ping pong table as my pattern table! Luckily I am short because the height was a little low but at least for me it wasn't too terrible. I ordered some cutting mats to cover the table because I like to work with a rotary blade. From there I used a home sewing machine and began the sampling and fitting process. 

Wear testing the pieces is so important for our RTW product. It helps to see how the clothes perform throughout a day. Standing for a few minutes tells you a quick like okay or not but when you start really moving around, even sitting, the piece can guide you with how wearable it is and if you need to make any adjustments.

And if this is not an AHA moment, I learned one of the fabrics I choose was totally see through! Definitely good to start with a small quantity of fabric just to make sure it does what you were hoping it does, like not be sheer!


Anyway, that's all for Part 2 - thanks for stopping by!


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Part 2: How did Rosin Studios start?
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